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This Gallery is where I will post all things random. This is more of a fun Gallery where I show you what kinds of crazy things I do shoot. While most wont work for fine art prints, many will work for various types of advertising and media usage.

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Passing TimeMossy Road TripRaptureToyota NightsDoor 229HRSunsetHoly Cow Web MasterSunny Hood River OrchardsWindswept DreamsWillamette River WhirlpoolBlue Sky PortlandWooden Bridge ReflectionBarn in the Morning FogBridge and BubblesCape Horn CloudsColumbia Gorge Wind PowerMount Adams HorsesMysteries of the Lewis HouseEvan's Raiin StormLifting of the Fog

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Reminds me of when my family and I travel ( NC)...." Road Trip"!
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